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You can use the contact form below to choose the type of handmade fountain pen you would like to have and also the nib size, material, finish and a pen holder if you want to have one. Thank you!

If you have specific questions take a look at the FAQ section below! If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please email me at

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Brno, Czech Republic, Europe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a custom fountain pen?

  • 3 weeks for ebonite, acrylics and Juma/Elforyn material
  • 2 months for Black urushi
  • 3 months for Colored Urushi
  • 4-5 months for Negoro, Tamenuri, Ishime (Stone), Metal powder finishes

How much costs an handmande fountain pen?

  • 250 € for ebonite black fountain pen
  • 270 € for acrylics
  • 290 € for marbled and mottled ebonite fountain pen
  • 290 € for colored ebonite fountain pen
  • For urushi, quote on demand

What is the accepted payment method?


What comes with the fountain pen?

A wooden box

A real natural leather sleeve embossed with the PenTeo pens logo

Do you perform custom engraving on the fountain pens?

Not at this moment

What is the preferred currency?


What are the shipping options?

Standard Postal service with tracking information is included with the fountain pen price

Additional cost is required for other shipment methods; contact me if you want another shipment provider.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, if the defect is related to the pen manufacture.

What kind of nib options do you offer?

Included with the fountain pen there is a standard JoWo brushed steel nr. 6 nib.

You can choose the nib point from EF, F, M, B and Italic 1.1 or Italic 1.5

Other nibs color varations may be available; you can contact me directly if you want that.

A custom grinding service is provided by my supplier.

Gold 14k & 18k nibs are also available – made by JoWo in Germany

What kind of accessories do you offer?

Pen holder in ebonite – simple finish; the pen holder costs an extra 30 EURO; if you want an Urushi finish for the pen holder let me know; this will add an extra cost to the 30 EURO standard price.


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