This wooden fountain pen has been maden using manual operated machines, a Myford Super 7 Lathe

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Sonoran Desert Iron Wood (Olneya Tesota) – Wiki Link , Arzona United States

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Nikko Black Ebonite for threads lining and nib section

The square rods are turned round, cut and drilled.

Ebonite is turned for the barel and cap threads

The cap is bored to include the ebonite lining

The parts are sanded, cleaned and prepared for urushi impregnation

First a coating of urushi is applied to the wood using a brush. The urushi is wiped thoroughly to ensure that it has been applied evenly. Allowing the wood to soak up the lacquer helps to make the pattern of grain stand out more clearly. After curing for 24 hours the surface is then carefully polished with sand paper. This entire procedure is then repeated 5 or 6 more times.

Repeating these steps ensures that the simple natural beauty of wood is seen at its best. The entire process can take months to produce a single piece.