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penteo samurai long sword lava button filler 5

The button-filler is a very simple design that actually works very much the same way a lever-fill pen works. Inside the barrel is a long sac that holds the ink. Alongside the sac inside the barrel is a long flat springy bar that bends at the base of the barrel and terminates into the back of the button. When the button is pressed, the bar is bent inward and compresses the sac, expelling its contents. As it reinflates, if the nib and feed are in ink, the vacuum created will fill it. A lever-fill pen does the same job by directly pressing the bar from the side of the barrel.

The process is straightforward: remove the end cap, dip the nib in ink, press the button once, count to ten, and remove the nib and wipe.

Easy to clean. Put the nib in a glass of cold water and push the button several times, change the water and repeat till all the ink is flushed out.

PenTeo Pens Samurai Spirit Long Sword – 380 Bock nib

PenTeo Samurai Spirit  Long Sword- Elforyn Magma Dragon – Jowo 6 nib

PenTeo Samurai Long Sword SEM Lava SE – Jowo 6 nib

I ordered a custom ebonite fountain pen from PenTeo and it arrived yesterday. It is truly stunning, comfortable in hand despite the large diameter barrel and cap (I like larger pens, but this handles more like a mid-sized one) and was beautifully presented. I cannot wait to get more miles under its nib!

Superb, the size is excellent handling, good pen. I loaded it with iroshizuku ink asa gao and it works fine. The set is light which will allow to write long without fatigue. I am very happy with this pen. thank you so much!

The best moment is when I saw the pen and unscrewed the cap and section and barrel. It all screamed – EBONITE! And it is HUGE! Good weight and comfortable to write with. The cap does not post but you do not need to as it is a BIG pen. What an awesome pen! WOW! The pen writes superbly and the nib is buttery smooth. No skips. No hard starts. Good flow.

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