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These are the current fountain pens in stock made of different exotic materials (made to order immediately).

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PENTEO SAMURAI SPIRIT GOLDEN DRAGON           Button Filling Mechanism

penteo samurai spirit golden dragon button filler4


The  fountain pen is made from Juma Snake & Dragon. The cap on on the body is made from Nikko ebonite

The filling mechanism of the pen is based on the vintage Dufold Lucky Curve pen.

Button filling mechanism, very easy to use.

The pen section is made for a Pelikan M800 nib.


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  • The fountain pen is shipped without the Pelikan M800 nib -, a wooden pen box, and a leather sleeve
  • An additional pen holder is available for an extra cost; the holder is made out of ebonite and can have an urushi finish
  • Weight: 19 g
  • Length capped: 144 mm
  • Length body with nib: 131 mm


  • Grinding options for the nib are also available at request
  • Standard shipping is included in the fountain pen price with tracking service via the Postal Service; other shipping options include additional cost.

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