This pen has been made using hand operated machine. The fine adjustment have been done by hand.The base material is ebonite from Nikko.

Application of the middle layer, Aka Nakanuri. It will cure one day.

After the middle layer has cured, is sanded and prepared for first layer of black urushi

Application of the first layer of black urushi. It will cure one day.

New layer added. Same process again. Sanding, brush cleaning from the oil used to preserve it, and new application on the pen.

After one day curing. Notice the mate surface.

The pen is sanded and a new layer of black urushi is applied and let rest into the furo for a couple of minutes.

Black Kanishitsu fun is applied on the pen and left in furo for 2 days. Kanishitsu fun is dried lacquer.

After 48 hours the urushi is cured.

Black Urushi is applied and let curing for one day.

After 24 hours the urushi is fully cured. Light sanding to remove the edges and create the stone effect.

A very thin layer of black urushi is applied and put to cure for one day.

After curing, a very light layer of lacquer is applied and wiped.

Copper powder is applied and removed, only the deeper copper remains creating the pattern. It will remain in furo for 48 hours.

After curing, the last steps of this process. Uwazuri, high grade urushi is wiped. It will be done 5 times to cover the copper and black urushi layer.

After curing, new layer of lacquer is added and wiped

After curing the surface is polished with a special polishing powder mixed with oil. Final touch is done by hand using fingers.

Small change — the copper used contains chemicals that do not allow the glossy layers to correctly cure. Silver will get golden color after applying the high grade urushi layers.