This pen has been made using hand operated machine. The fine adjustment have been done by hand.The base material is ebonite from Nikko

Middle layer of urushi added and ready to be cured in furo for one day.

After curing the pen is sanded and cleaned. Red urushi is prepared to be applied.The pen will stay in furo 2 days to ensure first layer is cured and the urushi is fully crystallized

After curing, the pen is sanded and clean, ready for the 2nd layer. Urushi is prepared, filtered and applied on the pen.

2nd layer is cured. The color is darker for the cured urushi than the fresh one. It will light up in time and continue over the years.

New layer is applied and let cured.

After 24 hours the layer is cured. New sanding and fresh layer applied.

4 layers in total are applied

The next part of the technique is very fun to use, because it provides the possibility of many outcomes. Urushi is mixed with alcohol and solvent and dripped in water creating a structure like dragonfly wings. The pen is dipped through the surface of the water, urushi will stick to the pen. Water will evaporate, only urushi will remain, silver powder is added.

After curing, several layer of translucent urushi is added and sanded.

5 layers of high grade urushi are added for protection and gloss. The silver will color like gold.