Pen Holder Work         
Material: Nikko Ebonite Japan
Finish: Aka Tamenuri  

Fountain Pen Work
Material: Nikko Ebonite Japan
Finish: Aka Tamenuri

Screw Section Work

Nib Section Work

Cap Work

The Ebonite Part is Finished. The Urushi work is starting from here


First layer of Ki-Urushi (Raw Urushi), Added and wiped, it will cure in the Furo the next 24 hours

Sanded and cleaned, new Urushi layer applied. It will be repeated 4 times.

Layer cured, sanded, cleaned and ready for new application

Cured, sanded, cleaned, new layer and back to furo for curing

Finally the 4th layer

Base layers finished. Middle layers are added before color.

First layer of color. It will cure in furo several days before applying a new layer.

2nd layer applied.

3rd layer

Tamenuri Work – First layer

Tamenuri Work 2nd layer – First layer is sanded and a new Urushi layer is applied- The layer it gets darker while curing

Working on the pen rest- golden powder with Nashiji Layers. Nashiji will accentuate the golden color and it will get a amber color over time. First step, powder sprinkling and brushing for effect

First layer of Nashiji

Uwazuri-last steps in a pen making – ki-urushi (raw urushi) is wiped on the pen and polished after curing, this process is repeated up to 5-7 times.

After 2 layers