This pen has been made using hand operated machine. The fine adjustment have been done by hand.The base material is ebonite from Nikko. After turning, the pen is cleaned out an prepared for the first layer of urushi. It will cure in the furo for one day.

The first layer is cured. It’s sanded, cleaned and a new urushi layer it’s applied and let cured the next 24 hours.

Several layer are applied to form the base. Middle layer comes after to prepare the surface for colored urushi.

Once the black layer is cured, is sanded and prepared for tsugaru process. Egg white and urushi are mixed to form a very thick lacquer and applied with a spatula. Curing is done in very low humidity to avoid wrinkles.

Penteo Samurai Spirit Tsugaru 5

After curing, different layer of color are allied, red, yellow, blue

Sanding is performed to reveal the tsugaru pattern.

For final steps, high grade urushi is applied and wiped. This will protect the pen and provide a nice shine.