Fresh Coating of Blue Urushi Sprinkled with Bronze Powder. After curing for 48 hours, several layers of special Urushi Nashiji will be applied.

This pen has been made using hand operated machine. The fine adjustment have been done by hand.The base material is ebonite from SEM Germany. The section is for Jowo #6 nibs. Other types of nibs can be fitted to the section, some design adjustments will be required. The pen comes with standard international converter and also can be eyedropped. If you would like to order a custom pen, contact me

After curing, nashiji urushi is prepared and applied.

Notice the amber coloration of nashiji that amplifies bronze powder. The layer is very thin, we don’t want to keep as much as possible the blue colour

Penteo Samurai Urushi Aoi Nashiji 7
Penteo Samurai Urushi Aoi Nashiji 9
Penteo Samurai Urushi Aoi Nashiji 8
Penteo Samurai Urushi Aoi Nashiji 11
Penteo Samurai Urushi Aoi Nashiji 10

Update, curing after 24 hours. It will need up to one week to be fully cured. This Finish is very long and very difficult, up to 4 layer can be added to obtain the desire effect

2nd layer added

2nd layer 24 hours curing, 4 days to go. The pen will get darker with the next 2 layers.

Unfortunately the nashiji layer wasn’t satisfactory for me, I removed it and started over again. I added new layer of blue